Local Doctor Awarded by the Police Benevolent Association
The Silver Life Award
By George Beck, Ph.D.

Dr. Ali Mazandarani (Dr. Maz) of MedWell Spine, Osteoarthritis & Neuropathy Center in Midland Park, NJ was recently awarded the Silver Life Award—the highest honor bestowed upon a citizen by the Passaic County Sheriff’s Policemen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) Local 197. Each year only a few select citizens who have demonstrated their continued support to the law enforcement community are given this prestigious award. By way of example, Paterson Police PBA Local 1 has given approximately one award per decade for the last sixty years.

“The Silver Life Award is a highly coveted award,” said John Welsh, President of PBA Local 197. “We go to great lengths to identify only those who truly are a pillar of our community and from those select few the honoree is chosen. Dr. Maz has continually shown his support for the law enforcement community in both Bergen and Passaic counties. Awarding him a Silver Life Award is an honor he deserves.”

Dr. Maz has been treating law enforcement patients for over 20 years. MedWell is an integrated multi-specialty facility in Midland Park, which focuses on non-surgical orthopedic care, testosterone therapy, medical weight loss treatments and alternative therapies for patients suffering from chronic ailments. Dr. Maz’s goal is straightforward. He focuses on relieving the patient’s pain as quickly as possible without the intervention of medications or surgery.

“As a chiropractic physician I have spent the majority of my life educating the public and bringing awareness to non-standard medical care,” said Dr. Maz. “Our office has helped hundreds of patients with chronic bone-on-bone diagnosis with treatments such as stem cell injections with astounding and continual results. Our team is known to go the extra mile to find the hidden cause of these patient’s chronic symptoms. This includes patients with diabetes and thyroid issues.”

Dr. Maz treats many members of the Bergen and Passaic county law enforcement community. He understands the rigors of their duties and lifestyles that sometimes cause medical issues.

“Unfortunately, many, including law enforcement officers, live under a tremendous amount of physical, emotional and chemical stress. This in itself is a huge contributor to their symptoms. We don’t test like the rest. We provide complete body scans to find and fix the cause in many.”

“Dr. Maz deserves this award more than anyone else,” said Daniel Del Valle, editor of The Blue Magazine. “I’ve known him for a decade and have watched him consistently support the law enforcement community. He’s full of energy, passion, and empathy for others. Dr. Maz is a true example of someone who loves what they do.”

Del Valle also recalls a tough time when the Paterson Police Department laid off many officers, and as a result, the officers lost their insurance for their entire family.

“When I brought this to Dr. Maz’s attention, he stepped up and offered to treat them and their families at no cost,” said Del Valle. “You don’t see this type of compassion very often. It’s not every day you find a doctor like Dr. Maz. I am proud to know him, and to see him receive this prestigious award.”

Dr. Maz resides in Franklin Lakes, NJ with his wife Morgan and their three sons, Arya, Amir, and Arman. Although Dr. Maz is a dedicated doctor who insists on being hands-on at the office, he is passionate about spending quality time with his family. On weekends he enjoys family outings or hosting a charitable event, or quality time at home with the boys and his wife by his side.

To contact Dr. Maz visit or call his office at 201-632-1900

George Beck is a police detective, award-winning journalist, and managing editor of Blue Magazine. He holds a Ph.D. in History & Culture from Drew University. He is the author of The Killer Among Us and several other books. His nonfiction and short stories have been featured in magazines and anthologies nationally and internationally.