April 11, 2019

****For Immediate Release****

A large group of officers from all over the tri-state area packed the Sedona Taphouse in Cliffside Park, NJ on April 04, 2019 to discuss the sensitive issue of Blue suicide, and what steps to take to address it. Blue Magazine proudly partnered with Moment of Silence Inc. to bring officers a high-quality program aimed at saving lives.  Numerous career professionals working to end Blue suicide addressed the crowd and offered various tips and observations to facilitate a much-needed discussion. The room was filled with positive energy and passion.

Blue Magazine's Publisher Daniel Del Valle said, "I want everyone—officers, mental health and other professionals and citizens of our country to work together with endless passion and commitment to solving Blue suicide. For many years Blue suicide has sabotaged our law enforcement profession. We can do better. We must do better."

Blue Magazine's Editor-in-Chief George Beck said, "Emceeing this worthy event was one of the highlights of my work at Blue Magazine. To see that many people come together--those who were affected by Blue suicide and wanted to work toward saving officers--even if just one officer—is truly humbling. There are so many good-hearted officers who do things for the right reasons. I am glad to be working with them. Together we are making progress."

Blue Magazine is committed to helping the law enforcement profession thrive and prosper. Far too many officers have taken their own lives and it's time we all work to together to solve this problem. Stay tuned for future events that are currently in the planning stages. We all have a responsibility to address Blue suicide. Will you join us? Follow us on social media and visit for additional information and future events. Stay safe.