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Award of Valor - Courage Under Fire

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A police officer doesn’t go into battle because of a lack of fear; but in spite of it. In our line of work we’ve seen all types of police officers. Some come to work only for a paycheck and are happy to play it safe; we call them, “report writers.” There are others however, that are….

Posthumous Award of Valor

Award of Valor - SIGNAL 13

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Baltimore Police Department Western District Circa 1981: 2.7 square miles of area with 177 officers assigned to patrol it. This was the area that I was assigned to, fresh out of the police academy, when I asked to be assigned to a high crime area….


Cover Story

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At some point, you will die.
Will death come today, tomorrow—sooner or later? Are you the lucky one who will live to over 100 years old? Or is a distracted bus driver going to cut your life short or will illness or an infection evaporate the clock? If there is….

Words of Wisdom


Through the writings of Tacitus (56 A.D. – 120 A.D.), those who ever stepped foot on the battlefield have lived and died by the phrase “In Valor There Is Hope.” When studying the term “Valor,” one needs to look no….


Knowledge-the condition of being aware of something.
My citation this month will embody a razor-sharp Samurai katana wielded by an artisan in his craft and mastership of his personal trade. At the far side of this preface stands….

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Following the June 6, 1981, murders of San Diego Police Officers Harry Tiffany and Ron Ebeltoft, Lt. John Morrison wrote a letter to his officers, who were struggling with the loss of their two brothers. In the beginning of his letter….



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