By Anthony Mikatarian

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is an expression utilized in the Bible. It is described as someone acting a role that is contradictive to his or her true nature. Having an association with them can be quite dangerous, such as presenting themselves as false teachers with the intent to misguide. The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as a person with a pleasant and friendly appearance that hides the fact that they are evil.

Many wolves in sheep’s clothing utilize the tactic of displaying themselves as trustworthy and well-intentioned. They also give the appearance of being proactive, helpful, and important citizens of their community, including in their work environment. Some may even use their own families, friends, co-workers, and associates to mask their true colors from their victims. These are all diversions to blind you from the fact that in the shadows they are plotting and executing in a sneaky and conniving manner to fulfill their selfish agenda at the cost of everyone else. In other words, they are professional saboteurs and downright cowards.

Throughout my life, I’ve come across these scheming wolves and even I at times had fallen victim to them. I have also seen others victimized by these gutless attackers. They will stop at nothing to accomplish their selfish agendas. They do not discriminate, nor respect what is sacred to their victims. This includes unmorally and tactically utilizing their victim’s co-workers, associates, bosses, people of authority, friends and even their own loved ones to fulfill their agenda. These surreptitious schemers and assailants come in all different faces. They can be so-called family, friends, co-workers, bosses, acquaintances, strangers, salespeople, media, government officials, religious authorities and so on.

As a police officer, you should be able to identify these conniving wolves quickly. Here are some of their common traits. See if you can identify some of these with the wolves in sheep’s clothing that you have encountered in your life.

The Easy Cowards to Identify
Often these derelicts of good attribute come off smug, self-absorbed with a sense of entitlement, often crossing the ethical borderline and the privacy threshold of their targets. They can’t help but tease, belittle, patronize, or be scathing of others, especially in front of peers, while appearing to be playful and fun to be around. Their conduct is often sparked by their anxiety, paranoia and jealousy when they perceive a threat. These are the simplistic wolves to identify because it’s easy to see they intend to use their victims and dispose of them when they no longer serve any purpose to them.

The More Obscure Cowards
The cowardly wolves that are more difficult are often seen putting on delightful, helpful and virtuous personas in front of superiors and audiences while attempting to conduct their miscreant acts in the shadows. They glad-hand everyone while knowing their over-the-top friendliness is to conceal their narcissisms and true cruel intentions. These folks will utilize any tactic, no matter whom it hurts, to accomplish their selfish goal. This is because they are often envious, jealous and/or bankrupt of moral compass, which builds the foundation of their superiority complex.

These jellyfish are incapable of genuinely receiving constructive criticism or accepting a difference of opinion, but will do their best to mask these. They will smile and listen, but will not make any genuine adjustments because their contemptuous behavior toward others blinds them. These cowards know no boundaries. They seek to cause intentional and devious conflict in their target’s life, which includes in both their professional and personal settings as they are smiling to your face.

Be Vigilant
When dealing with wolves in sheep’s clothing, looking for these evident and discrete signals is crucial for your survival against these unsavory types. Based on my experiences, these wolves are not perfect in their tactics and will slip up at times. It is imperative to identify them quickly, so you can make an educated analysis of these wrongdoers to protect yourself or at the very least significantly reduce the attack. Know they will purposely spread falsehoods about you. They will also try to exaggerate a reasonable person’s non-issue, which involves you, in the hopes it will inflame the situation with the intent to discredit you. You can’t stop them acting this way—but let the truth take its course. In the end you will prevail.

To rid yourself of these wolves, you must develop a disdain for these miscreants’ fraudulent and dubious ways. Understand they are fraidy-cat weaklings, who do not deserve your precious time and friendship. So always remember what goes around, comes around. For each act these mice commit, there will be Karma in their road ahead. So let them go down that road alone while you beat them with success—keep achieving by loving your loyal family, your loyal friends, your good-willed associates and more importantly love your life. These are the true meanings of success is - not titles, ranks or personal/financial status Remember, you are not the one with the problem. You don’t have to be a victimized sheep!

Happy Holidays to you all and God Bless…