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The Blue Magazine is dedicated to providing an unfiltered and independent voice to all of New Jersey’s Law Enforcement Officers by helping to strengthen the ties that bind us together as brothers and sisters in blue. Our goal is to provide our readers with relevant, helpful, and interesting articles while printing the true and uncensored stories of the men and women in law enforcement who have taken an oath to protect and serve.

Whether you walk the line in a correctional facility, provide a safe court environment or chase criminals over fences, we all have to face the very real dangers that are part and parcel of our profession that makes us all members of the law enforcement family – and never let anyone tell you differently. At any moment, one of us could die in the line of duty, and many do. With that in mind, we cannot afford to allow petty differences to divide and weaken us. This publication is dedicated to bridging those divides, so that we can become a stronger and more powerful voice when it comes to job safety issues and our benefits.

We provide an open forum for discussing the triumphs and tragedies that law enforcement personnel experience as they go about their daily lives. We also honor the service of those who have lost their lives either on duty or after they have retired from service along with the men and women of the military who protect our freedom, both home and abroad.

The Blue Magazine is owned and operated by law enforcement professionals who recognize the inherent dangers and challenges of all aspects of law enforcement.

The Blue Magazine is not affiliated with any agency or union and does not censor the work submitted for publication. We are not “scared off” by controversial or unpopular issues because we understand that often times you have to wade through the controversy to get to the truth of a matter.

Because some politicians, activists, media outlets and Hollywood are often quick to cast us in a negative light to suit whatever agenda they have, The Blue Magazine also spends a considerable amount of time trying to educate the public, businesses, and service providers about our profession. We seek to build strong relationships with advertisers who support us and our profession and who are generally pro law enforcement. Essentially, we wish to create win-win situations by providing advertisers with exposure to our brothers and sisters while bringing excellent deals and opportunities to our profession.

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