Woman of the Year: Melania Trump
By Bernard B. Kerik & Debra Ann Faretra

NJ Blue Now’s decision to pick First Lady Melania Trump, wife of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, as this year’s Woman of the Year, was an easy one.

We strongly believe that the First Lady, is not only the very role female model that America needs, but as a naturalized citizen who loves this country, exemplifies what the very essence of what has made our country so great.

A naturalized American citizen who was born in Slovenia and speaks five languages — her native Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German, agreed twenty-nine months ago, to support her husband, in his quest to become America’s 45th President. Little did she know, that that journey would end in the White House, and expose her to the world of American politics, that at times could make the American political thriller, House of Cards, look like child’s play, with its vile, back stabbing and hateful realities.

Both on the campaign trail, and since moving into the White House, The First Lady has demonstrated the core value of being a woman, mother, patriotic leader, and with beauty, elegance, class and grace.

She doesn’t refrain from displaying her conservative views and support for causes that millions of American people have longed for. She is a devout Catholic and patriot often seen engaging in prayer and honoring the flag next to the President. She is encouraging of women’s rights and her top priorities rest with the needs of children.

From a woman’s perspective and maternal figure, it is transparently evident that First Lady Trump’s parental role is conducive with the model behavior that all American families could emulate, especially in these times where many parents are either absent in their children’s lives, and have lost touch with their kids.

Mrs. Trump has used her national platform to express qualitative and healthy messages to the American People and abroad. In September 2017, she stood before the United Nations and gave a speech on bullying and asserted kindness for all children of every background. She did not specifically address one group, but equally valued the lives of all.

She is responsible for establishing a Healing Garden at Washington Children’s Hospital where she frequently visits to spend time with the children. She has also spent time at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center’s Pediatric Unit.

Our First Lady is defending women’s rights across the globe even in the face of religious extremism, bias, violence, and disasters. This woman, once famous as a fashion and runway model, today is an advocate alongside the president for the support of law enforcement, public safety members, and our military. She proudly spent time next to the President awarding Purple Hearts to America’s wounded veterans and visiting military families on various bases across the United States. She treasures those experiences.

She has traveled with the president internationally on state visits to the far east, the Vatican, as well the relief visits to Texas and Puerto Rico, and always carries herself with grace and patriotic pride for the country she now represents.

At a time that this country’s opioid epidemic has reached national crisis levels, First Lady Mrs. Trump has emphasized publicly, the core structure of family and children and the negative influences that can strain the psychological and physical health of parents and children.

Her goal to assist through this political platform to encourage change in America that will foster the well-being of American families and foster mental health growth in children is something that must be commended.

Collectively, we at NJ Blue Now believe that Mrs. Trump and her husband are doing an outstanding job in making America great again, and preserving the foundation that our founding fathers have built this beautiful country upon, and we couldn’t have a better First Lady leading the charge on our behalf. Her elegance, patriotism, beauty and grace will go down in history, as one of the most memorable first ladies of our time.