Citizen of the Year
By Geroge Beck, Joel E. Gordon, Joe Uliano and Eddie Vega

Legalized Marijuana: An Assessment

Patrolman Quincy Smith, a Man of Valor
By Joseph Pangaro, CPM

Are You Ready?
By Bernard B. Kerik, NYPD Police Commissioner (Ret.)

Christie Pardons Police Officer:
By Robert A Bianchi, Esq.

Legalized Marijuana?
By Sheriff Leo P. McGuire (Ret.)

Woman of the Year: Melania Trump
By Bernard B. Kerik & Debra Ann Faretra

Take a Stand Against Workplace Bullying
By Anthony Mikatarian

Crossing Over the Double Yellow Lines
By Fr. John P. Picinic

Blue Magazine Endorses Alex Cruz for Mayor of Paterson, New Jersey
By Daniel Del Valle and George Beck

Marijuana Smoke versus Cigarette Smoke: A Comparison
By Dipan Patel, MD

Marching for Change, Screaming for Help, Living in Fear
By Joseph Pangaro, CPM

By Jay Martinez, Former U.S. Recon Marine and Retired Detective, (active Sheepdog)

Proactive Policing: The Baltimore Equation
By Joel E. Gordon

Armed and Safe
By Sgt. Anthony Espino

From On The Ropes to Out On The Beat
By Michael D. Boll

Keeping a Boot on Crime’s Neck…  From Hindrance to Support: Funding Must follow

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. (Ret.)

How not to write a pro-Marijuana article for a police magazine
By Eddie Vega

Priority One Call
By Jay Martinez, Former U.S. Recon Marine, Retired Detective, Active Sheepdog

Chief Sarah Mooney and the West Palm Beach Police Department: 
Fair, Professional, Productive
By Julia Torres

Teamwork to Keep the Wolves Outside
By Anthony Mikatarian