Fitness - Fairview Police Chief Marty Kahn Wins at Recent Bodybuilding Competitions

Fairview Police Chief Marty Kahn Wins at Recent Bodybuilding Competitions
By George Beck, Ph.D.

Fairview Police Chief Marty Kahn’s impressive bodybuilding wins didn’t happen overnight. After years of working out, Kahn, 48, started preparing for the competitions in December 2018. Recently he entered into the bodybuilding divisions for the Pittsburgh Championships (NPC) in the Masters 40+ division, True Novice division, and Open division. Kahn placed 2nd in both over 40+ and True Novice. He placed 8th overall in the Open division of the Light Heavyweight. That competition took place on May 4.

Kahn also entered into the Mid Atlantic Classic in Brick, NJ. He competed in the Masters 40+, Novice, Pure Natural (drug tested), and Open divisions, placing 1st in Masters 40+, Pure Natural, and Novice, and secured 2nd place in the Open division.

Kahn’s road to bodybuilding competitions began when Lawrence Achey and Christopher Popper from Police Academy Training Help (PATH) convinced him to try competitions back in the fall of 2018. Kahn, always up for a challenge to push his workout to the limits, decided to go for it.

Kahn worked with Achey and Popper (both detectives at the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office) as mentors and began speaking on the importance of health, nutrition and wellness in law enforcement to the students of the Career Development Course, run by William Schivella.

Kahn was coached by Carlo Filippone, owner of Elite Lifestyle Cuisine and The Chicken Pound, for the competitions. Carlo is a former coach and IFBB professional bodybuilder himself. Many know him as The Muscle Chef (Instagram- @therealmusclechef). He is a childhood friend of Kahn and eagerly began assisting the chief to prepare for the bodybuilding shows. Carlo graciously took on the task (coming out of his coaching retirement) to support him on the journey into bodybuilding.

“Diet, proper nutrition, and a mindset to win and overcome against any and all odds is what it takes to compete on any level in bodybuilding,” Kahn said. “Getting over the voices that say it’s impossible to win is the first hurdle, then it’s all discipline and hard work that pays off.”

Kahn is a role model for officers seeking to live a better and healthier life. Bodybuilding is hard work, but with commitment and fortitude, the possibilities are endless. Blue Magazine commends Chief Kahn on his recent bodybuilding wins and looks forward to following him to more victories. Congratulations!

You can follow Chief Kahn on Instagram @fit_and_blue or on Facebook at FitandBlue. He also has a website

George Beck is a police detective, award-winning journalist, and managing editor of Blue Magazine. He holds a Ph.D. in History & Culture from Drew University. He is the author of The Killer Among Us and several other books. His nonfiction and short stories have been featured in magazines and anthologies nationally and internationally.