Editor's Point of view

By: George Beck, Ph.D.

Welcome to our newest issue of Blue Magazine. As you can see by our cover story, we highlight the work our advisor and mentor, former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, Blue Magazine contributing writer and attorney Tim Parlatore and attorney Marc Mukasey have done fighting for justice for Navy Seal Chief Eddie Gallagher. 

The high-profile trial of Gallagher has taught us that the military and law enforcement leadership community, at times, have some eerie similarities where good people are railroaded for political expediency or other unjust issues. This happens all the time where good officers are collateral damage of pandering politicians or spineless law enforcement leaders who don't have the mettle to stand up and fight for justice. The Gallagher case now exposes the same shameful conduct. This should have never happened. 

After the attacks on 9/11, we sent brave people like Gallagher into the Middle East to kill the terrorists so they would not continue to kill us here at home. War is not pretty. Killing another human being is as unfortunate as it gets. However, when the enemy wants to kill you, your children, your friends, and loved ones, it’s people like Gallagher who will take the fight directly to them—risking their lives to save yours. We must never forget that. We wish Chief Gallagher the very best for whatever the future holds for him.

Our magazine is packed with great articles from the best law enforcement voices in our nation. Be sure to check out Det. Efren Almodovar’s corrections article where he candidly addresses the stigmas between police and corrections. We all need to be mindful of this nonsense and make certain we are working toward unity and strengthening our law enforcement profession. We are all law enforcement. We are all Blue. We all go through the same stressors, and we need to be here for each other regardless of what patch we wear. Criminals don’t differentiate between us, so why should we? Let’s focus our energy on uniting all law enforcement.

Another great article is attorney Tim Smith’s legal column on the New Jersey Official Misconduct law and how it’s unevenly applied. In this article, Mr. Smith details how the Appellate Division held that an officer’s misuse of a police car and municipal telephone constituted official misconduct. He discusses several other examples from different employees working in the public sector. Thank you, Mr. Smith, for providing our officers with expert legal analysis and commentary.

Deon Joseph’s excellent article on America inspired me to write this brief commentary: We have seen far too much anti-American sentiment coming from those who represent us, and our great United States of America. So to all these American politicians and others embarrassed by our national anthem and flag, wake up. Hiding or besmirching these symbols will not change America’s identity. Be proud to be American. Appreciate freedom. Always remember the cost in blood and lives it took to become a free country. We may be split politically, but we are all Americans! Focus on what unites us!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. In a flash, it will be over. Make sure you are making time for your family and loved ones. Family is God’s greatest gift. Be certain to appreciate them. Put them first.