Remembrance - Officer Tara O’Sullivan

Officer Tara O’Sullivan

Artwork by: jonny castro

Artwork by: jonny castro

Article & Artwork by Jonny Castro

On June 19th, a group of Sacramento police officers arrived at the scene of a domestic disturbance to help escort a female inside of a residence to retrieve her belongings. At some point, a suspect opened fire with a rifle from inside and Officer Tara O' Sullivan was struck numerous times.

The other officers on scene were pinned down by accurate gunfire and were unable to reach her. Tara laid there in the backyard, alone and gravely wounded for nearly an hour, until an armored vehicle was utilized to provide cover so she could be pulled to safety. Tara's wounds were too severe and she passed away at the hospital.

Tara, who had just graduated from the police academy in December of 2018, was nearing the end of her field training and was about to begin patrolling by herself.

She was remembered as an exceptional officer that was committed to public service and had an extremely promising career in law enforcement ahead of her.

Tara was just twenty-six years old