George Beck, Ph.D.

Welcome to another excellent issue of Blue Magazine. It seems like only yesterday 2019 began, and in a flash, we are already moving toward 2020.  Law enforcement has made a lot of progress in the past year. Unfortunately, the tired and outright lies against our profession are still peddled for ratings, votes, and personal gain. This war on cops has taught us that officers, citizens and communities suffer as a result. When will it end?

This past summer, we watched miscreants incited by the irresponsible rhetoric douse cops with water and milk, and stomp on their patrol cars—proof that words matter and those scapegoating law enforcement for personal gain must stop—or perhaps they do not care. What a shame to see people who claim to champion human rights and humanity disinterested when officers are violated. Are officers not human? Are they not mothers and fathers, sons and daughters? Are their lives expendable?  The anti-police animus in some areas of our country is stunning. Every day we see more unsafe policies to fix the police and none to fix the criminal, who has dangerously morphed into a sort of victim. History will prove pandering to criminals was the wrong approach. But at what cost?

The mainstream corporate media has been insatiably triggered on President Donald Trump since 2015. Any news that is not involving Trump, or cannot be twisted to include him somehow, is seldom part of the news cycles. This reality creates a void where many stories worthy of news coverage like the many recent laws and policies attacking law enforcement are silenced. Thankfully, publications like ours harness the power of social media to fill in this void. 

Our cover story features former ICE Director Tom Homan. We sat down with Mr. Homan to ascertain his perspective on the recent violence against ICE facilities, the disdain for border patrol agents and much more. The hate toward a law enforcement agency whose officers risk their lives to lock up criminals and keep us safe is perplexing. We should be thanking them for doing a dangerous job. Our interview with Mr. Homan was over an hour and is being produced as a video. We will have that to you shortly. Thank you, Mr. Homan! Your honesty, directness and love for our country and the officers who serve is inspiring. 

Congratulations to our Managing Editor Joe Uliano, who recently completed his doctorate at Seton Hall University. Less than 2% of the population reaches this academic achievement. Dr. Uliano, a 20-year law enforcement veteran, earned his doctorate while working full-time on patrol and serving as managing editor of this publication! Dr. Uliano’s passion for our profession is unmatched. His dissertation “Arming America’s K-12 Teachers, the Second Amendment, and the Gun-Free School Zones Act” is nominated for “Dissertation of the Year” with the Educational Law Association—a national organization covering legal issues affecting education and the rights of those involved in K-12 schools, universities, and colleges. We at Blue Magazine are proud of Dr. Uliano’s accomplishments! Keep up the great work. Your intellect, drive and passion for our profession are unmatched.

Blue Magazine has an exciting fall prepared. On November 21, 2019, we are teaming up with Brother Before Others (BBO) for a law enforcement event like no other. Tickets will sell out quickly, so the time to purchase tickets is now. We hope to see all of you there. For more information see the flyer here on this page.