Modern Society and Toxic Masculinity
By: Lt. Patrick J. Ciser (Ret.)

I imagine you’d have to be over 40 to see it, so younger readers might not be able to conceptualize my decades-old observations. I’ve witnessed the John Waynes, Marlon Brandos and Clint Eastwoods growing up. I’ve also witnessed the mental and physical toughness of the greatest generation, including my father, a WWII veteran who as a carpenter often broke his back 7 days a week to provide for his wife and 6 kids. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “when men were men.” During WWII, the worst thing that could happen to a young man was being rejected to serve in the armed forces. A heart murmur or even “flat feet” could get you rejected and cause personal shame while you watched your friends go off to war. 

Fast forward one generation, when young men were being drafted for Vietnam. Thousands of aristocrats and those politically connected were able to avoid the draft with waivers, while thousands more coming from both the proletariat class of our society, and those attending Universities that could not get waivers, fled to Canada. Most felt no shame as they burned their draft cards. We never belonged in Vietnam, but that’s another story. 

Today, studies show that 7 out of 10 military-aged males are not fit to serve, citing obesity as the main cause. What would happen today if we had to fight a war on the scale of WWII? Who would fight to defend our liberty and freedom? Not only does a certain segment of America no longer laud these brave warriors who serve abroad, and here on the home front (police officers), they in many cases look down upon us. 

“Toxic Masculinity” is the new catch phrase being floated about to demean our heroes of yesteryear. The phrase has been used for years by psychologists, but has taken on new meaning, a very negative meaning, as of late. “Toxic” used to simply point out the history of misogyny, and homophobia, that came with the territory of being overly masculine. But where would we be as a nation today if most of our brave men since our inception were total “wimps” and unable to perform, testosterone and all, when called upon? How does a man properly protect his family without “masculinity” and some ingrained toughness? How would we have built skyscrapers and magnificent bridges across the country if men didn’t have the balls to do it? Who would be the fighter pilots, the Navy SEALs, the Rangers, the Marines and our SWAT members across the country? There can be no crying in these areas of service. I submit to you that emotional men cannot break down in combat as it would be devastating! 

As George Orwell said, “People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

So why are men, generally speaking of course, getting weaker? Why do we keep reducing the qualifications to enter the military and our police academies? Less pull-ups, push-ups etc. No more boxing or striking of any type? Some states are banning dodgeball in high schools! Why in a country where teaching your son, and even our daughters, how to hunt is now taboo in many areas of the country and frowned upon. My brother lives in North Dakota and his son brings his shotgun to high school for outdoor competitions. Progressives and vegetarians are now pushing an agenda to outlaw eating beef. Beef, along with its high zinc content, assists many strength athletes and others to excel. If YOU don’t want to eat beef, then DON’T! But don’t push your views on me.

Metrosexuals today get manicures, pedicures and even get their eyebrows waxed. Others apply make-up, a growing business I understand, to go out on the town. And trust me, I don’t give a rat’s ass that they do, I’m only concerned about declining masculinity and who’s going to protect America if these trends continue. Understand that I’m not talking about homosexuality, as there are many gays in the military, law enforcement, and on the gridiron, who are extremely tough in battle. 

Today, people can be talked into believing what was once a bizarre idea. Years ago, if you said that there were more than two genders, we’d suggest a good shrink. The number of genders seem to be growing higher each year, however, as liberals continue to “pussify” America, and frown on all things masculine. Let’s get this straight! There are two genders; one produces the egg, while the other produces the sperm. DONE! You can make a rooster look like a peacock, but in the end, he’s still a cock!