PBA Local #80 honors Totowa officers with monument

PBA Local #80 honors Totowa officers with monument
By Robert Foreman

TOTOWA, N.J. – Honoring the memories of fallen law enforcement members is never an easy undertaking and it is often bittersweet. However, the Totowa PBA Local #80 created a stunning memorial that stands as a permanent reminder of the sacrifices made by their brothers and sisters in blue. The monument was initially dedicated in October of 1997, but with the passage of time it became apparent that some upgrades were needed.

“The monument needed to be refreshed. The monument is double-sided, but the original set-up didn’t allow it to be viewed as such. We recognized that there was a lot of area surrounding this monument that was not being utilized. Our PBA worked closely with the Totowa Department of Public Works to create a more inviting space. The monument now has lights, drainage, refreshing landscaping and it will have a bench to allow a more inviting space,” said Daniel Di Blasio, President of Totowa PBA Local #80.

“This rededication was an important focus for me especially with my military background. As a Local, the importance of brotherhood and being inclusive to all members, both active and inactive, is to make sure that we continue to honor and support one another. This newly-created space allows our Local, including families of the deceased, to do just that.”

The updates have created a greater space for visitors and family members of the deceased officers to have time to walk around, sit and take time out for deep reflection. After the upgrades were completed, the monument was rededicated on May 26, 2019 by PBA Local #80.

“I think it’s great to honor the past members of our Local in such a way,” said Totowa Chief of Police, Robert W. Coyle.

The Monument Committee consists of Di Blasio, Jamie Titus, Gary Bierach, Carmen Veneziano and George Di Pasquale. Anyone wishing to visit the monument should definitely take the time to view it because you will not be disappointed. It is truly powerful to behold whether being viewed during the day or at night.

“The monument is dedicated to the memory of Totowa police officers who served our community with honor and distinction. The improvements to the monument, and the area surrounding it, are a fitting tribute to these officers,” said Totowa Mayor, John Coiro.